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Beetle Ju

Dig tunnels, drop rocks on monsters, collect diamonds… A fantastic action puzzle that blends an adventure story with cartoon graphics and great gameplay!

Price : $19.95
Size : 7.2 MB
Luxor Mahjong
Are you bewitched by Luxor’s atmosphere but you prefer playing mahjong? There’s ...
Price : $19.95
Sky Kingdoms
An explosively fun match-three marble-popper!
Price : $19.95
Unlimited, 3D gaming pleasure for all players. Your mission is to take possession ...
Price : $14.95
Help our friendly heros Stinky and Loof cross 85 worlds to Wonderland. Discover ...
Price : $14.95
3D graphics and more levels and bonuses than you can imagine... this ...
Price : $9.95
Smash Frenzy 2
Smash Frenzy is a brick bashing assault on the senses !
Price : $9.95
Chicken Hunter
It's chicken mania in this redneck adventure that is dangerously addictive!
Price : $19.99
Feed your fish and fight aliens! That’s what you’ll be doing with your time after ...
Price : $19.95
Typer Shark
It's the typing tutor with teeth!
Price : $9.95
In this superb adaptation of one of the most famous arcade games, you can show ...
Price : $19.95
Rocket Mania
Who hasn’t watched a fireworks display and not dreamed of becoming a fireworks ...
Price : $19.95
Outpost Kaloki
Discover Outpost Kaloki, a wacky space station management game! Take up ...
Price : $19.99
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